About MGWebworks

It was February 25, 2008.

I remember it very clearly, it was my 44th birthday, the first day of my very first “professional” job.

Until then I had been a server, a restaurant manager, a coffee shop manager, and then for 10 years I was a musician, teaching and playing guitar in Cleveland, Ohio. Playing music was all I wanted to do in those days.

When my lovely wife was expecting our first (and only) child I knew I had to do something more stable for my family. So I went back to school, and a year and half later I found myself starting my first real job, on my 44th birthday.

I was the Assistant Network Administrator at Ideastar, Inc, a web development and marketing company located in Independence, Ohio. Ideastar was a small but growing company that specialized in developing websites for the insurance industry.

That is where I was first introduced to WordPress. And I loved it right away.

Fast forward to 2017. After a few years working as Director of Web Development for a marketing agency in Oregon, it was time to go out on my own. It was time to start MGWebworks

The MGWebworks Code of Ethics

The MGWebworks Code of Ethics consists of 1 simple rule:

Treat every client the way I would want to be treated.

That means that I treat every client, every website, every situation, every problem, every solution as if it were my own. Solutions I recommend are based on research and honest experience, and are what I truly believe is best for the client.

Whether you require a one time quick fix to your WordPress site, or a completely new website built, you can count on me to be 100% transparent and honest.

I take pride in that, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like sleeping at night.

"When Marc took over, he prioritized the intervention needed to jumpstart the business, both organic and PPC. He expertly and quickly handled all the issues.

"We are seeing the results, and I hope Marc will be our one-and-only for years to come.”

Lynda Milstein Lotman

Owner, Book Editing Associates

"Marc took the time to understand the feel of what we needed for our 3 separate websites.

"He went above and beyond by making suggestions on better plugins as well as our goal to improve the speed of our website load time (which he did by more than 400%)."  

Meghan Gardner

Founder & CEO, Guard Up, Inc.

"We have been utilizing Marc's services for some years now and always found him to be very creative and resourceful in both web design and back office engineering.

"Marc has also been brilliant with the mandatory web security. We like and admire his work very much."

James Cunningham

Manging Director, Smart Digital AU

“I rely on my website to make a living, so when it needs updating, I ask for professional help. Marc Greenwald, of MGWebworks, LLC, did a great job.

Not only did he make the changes that I asked for, but he did a brief educational video to help me with some questions I had.

He was a delight to work with and I will certainly call on him again!”

Karin Cather

Owner, Karin Cather Editorial Services LLC